Senior Honors Theses

Departmental Honors: Students may earn departmental honors by writing a thesis during their senior year. Students are accepted into the program during their junior year by the department chairperson. This acceptance is based upon the student's grades and a thesis proposal, which the student must prepare in conjunction with a thesis advisor selected by the student. An oral presentation as well as a written thesis are required for completion of the program.

Probe Interval Graphs and Tolerance Graphs by Adam Yusko - April, 2010 (Advisor - Garth Isaak)

Mathematical Analysis of Oxygen and Substrate Transport in Skeletal Muscle by Benjamin N. Wilson - April, 2010 (Advisor - Eric P. Salathe)

A Generalization of Continued Fractions by Max Anselm - April, 2010 (Advisor - Steve Weintraub)

Blood Flow through Stenotic Regions of Arteries by Matthew Parks - April, 2009 (Advisor - Raman Venkataraman)

Analytic Number Theory and the Redheffer Matrix by Timur Nezhmetdinov - March, 2009 (Advisor - Bruce Dodson)

Modeling Stock Prices under Uncertain Volatility and Returns by Eric Weaver - May, 2007 (Advisor - Vladimir Dobric)