Awards and Prizes

There are departmental awards for various categories. They are usually awarded on the basis of class standing and scholarly activities. Some of the prizes and awards include: 

Thornburgh Mathematics Prize
(Given to the senior with outstanding record in advanced mathematics or statistics courses)

Spring 2014: Matthew A. Kilgore
Spring 2013: William G. Dearden
Spring 2012: Lindsey M. Smith and Nan Dong
Spring 2011: Joseph Z. Eggert
Spring 2010: Lisa Vasko and Max Anselm
Spring 2009: Matt Parks & Ben Wilson
2007: Alexandra Agroskin
2005: Lauren E. Guida and Rebecca A. Reynolds
2003: David S. Shoup


C.-C. Hsiung Award
(Given to the most outstanding student in mathematics)

Spring 2014: Andres N. Salcedo and Alexandria M. Yeager 
Spring 2013: Logan McNamara and William G. Dearden
Spring 2012: Lindsey M. Smith and Joseph Z. Eggert
Spring 2011: Christopher M. Contino and Nan Dong
Spring 2010: Neil Dexter

Spring 2009: Timur Nezhmetdinov
2007: Goeffrey Johnson
2005: Lauren E. Guida


Mathematics Faculty Award
(Given to the outstanding junior in mathematics or statistics)

Fall 2014: Denis Tilipman and Yuxi Zhai 
Fall 2013: Matthew Kilbore
Fall 2012: Gongkai Li
Fall 2011: William G. Dearden and Logan R. McNamara
Fall 2010: Lindsey Smith and Joseph Eggert
Fall 2009: Lisa Vasko
Fall 2008: Sean White

2006: Timur Nezmetdinov 
2005: Cheryl L. Kaplun
2004: Lisa Dychus and Megan Ryan
2003: Rebecca Reynolds
2002: Phillip Williams


Wilbur Mathematics Prize
(Given to the outstanding performance in freshman mathematics by engineering students)

Fall 2014: Justine M. Gottlieb, Grace E. Heidelberger, Monica E. Shapiro, and Yuxin (Cedric) Wu
Fall 2013: Sean Byrne, Elise Cross, Chris Garman, Jeffrey Mara, Yanxing Yang
Fall 2012: Akshay K. Damany, Chaim Kohen, Onoriode N. Ogidi-Ekoko, Marshall R. Nill, and Marc R. Wiener
Fall 2011: William R. Cogguillo, Sarah E. Early, Stephen R. Louie, Christal R. Schwenk, and Ali M. Shtarbanov
Fall 2010: Evan Aamodt, Maria Ballesteros Gonzales, Geoffrey Groman, Ke Xue, and Xiaoxi Zhang

Fall 2009: Basel R. Alnajjab, Andrew P. McGlincy, Chris E. O'Lone
Fall 2008: Michael Brenner, Enkhbayasgalan Gantsog, Matthew Mulliken, Harry Paul, and Robert Rappa
2006: Michael Casella, Viktor Chirikov, Steven Henry, Sean Kessler, and Laura Ricles.
2005: Xiaotian Cui, James A. Quigley, and M. Jeremy Walsh
2004: Anthony Battistini, Christine Boblenz, Anne Eshleman, Ka-Wei Kwok, and Siddarth Pisharody
2003: Steven Anastasio, Matthew Chabalko, Robert Guzzon, and Brian Kaplun
2002: Rajiv Mehrotra and Jeffrey Bretz


Trjitzinsky Awards
(The AMS has made awards to some undergraduate students through the Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky Memorial Fund.)

2003: Timothy Lewis