Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics & Statistics

Information on the undergraduate programs in mathematics and statistics

Two year course plan 2021-2023

Links for information on calculus placement and entry level courses; graduate programs; department home page.

Interested in a math major?

  • Talk to any professor you are taking a mathematics or statistics course with. They will be happy to give you information.
  • More questions? Contact Professor Mark Skandera (mas906@lehigh).
  • To declare your major contact Mary Ann Dent (mad8@lehigh) in the Mathematics Department office.

University Catalog description of the undergraduate majors and minors in the mathematics department.

Undergraduate majors, Short descriptions :

Courses for majors by sequence and by topics

Short descriptions for undergraduate minors. You can also see the information in the course catalog. 
Minors are offered in the following. The links will take you to a docusign form to declare the minor.

In recent years, we have had approximately 15-20 majors graduating each year. This means that classes are small, so that you get to know your professors and fellow students well. Some of the things that our recent graduates have done after graduation include

  • Work for various industries requiring quantitative skills
  • Graduate school in mathematics
  • Graduate school in other disciplines
  • Work in computer as programmer
  • High school teaching
  • Work as actuary or for a financial company
  • Industry statistician