Graduate Programs in Mathematics

This is a brief description of the graduate program. For more details see the List of Mathematics Graduate Programs and the College of Arts and Sciences for departmental and general information, respectively. The college site has links to downloadable and online application forms.

We offer the degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Statistics. We are also involved in the M.S. in Analytical Finance.

For information and applications, call (610) 758-3730 or contact the Graduate Committee at Our mailing address is:

Graduate Committee
Department of Mathematics
Chandler-Ullmann Hall
Lehigh University
17 Memorial Drive East
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Applicants requesting financial aid should apply by January 1. The TOEFL is required of all students whose native language is not English.
A speak test (taken at Lehigh during orientation) is required for teaching assistants from non-English-speaking countries.
The GRE General Test and Subject Test in mathematics are strongly recommended for all applicants.

The Mathematics Department currently has around 30 teaching assistants. All teaching assistants receive full tuition remission for 9 credits each semester (a full course load) and a stipend.

The Master's program demands 30 credit hours of graduate courses with at least 18 hours at the 400 level. With the permission of the chairman, up to six hours of these courses can be replaced by a thesis. All students in the Master's program must also pass a Comprehensive Examination. This Examination is given during the first year, and covers Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. The Comprehensive Examination for the M.S in Statistics covers Calculus, Linear Algebra and Probability and Statistics.

With a judicious choice of courses, a student in the Master's program can specialize in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics. The M.S. degree can serve both as a final degree in mathematics or as an appropriate background for the PhD.

Ph.D. in Mathematics

The plan of work for the PhD degree includes the Comprehensive Exam described above, and Qualifying Examinations. Ph.D. in Mathematics students will all take the Qualifying Examination in the same two areas, Algebra and Real Analysis, within two years. Students in the Ph.D. in the Applied Program will follow a parallel policy and tested on two different areas, Statistics and Applied Probability for students in the Statistics track and Analysis and Differential Equations for students in the Applied Mathematics track.  In addition, each student will be required to prepare a written plan for additional advanced course work and substantial reading of research articles. An Advanced Topic examination will also be required in the third year. A General Exam, in which the candidate describes the thesis program, and the doctoral dissertation and its defense complete the work for the PhD degree. A student entering Lehigh without a Masters degree must take 72 credits including at least 48 regular course credits (i.e. not dissertation credits). These students typically earn as Masters degree during the process of their work. A student entering Lehigh with a Masters degree must take 48 credits including at least 18 regular course credits (i.e. not dissertation credits).

To see a list of courses and an official description of program requirements see  the course catalog . Look under Admission Guidelines - Graduate for general university graduate requirements and information and Msathematics for departmental information including courses. The courses are representative of what we offer. We offer approximately seven or eight 400 level graduate courses and eight to ten 300 level courses (for graduates and undergraduates) each semester. Students can also take courses in other departments with approval from their advisor.

To see a list of recent PhD's granted, click here.